Supporting Entrepreneurs in the Chippewa Valley since 1986

Members currently renting space within the Chippewa Valley Innovation Center can log in here to gain access to free resources, personalize plans, and other tools to encourage success! 


Investors of the Chippewa Valley Innovation Center know that their tax-deductible investment supports emerging businesses and strengthens our community through job growth, tax revenue, and infrastructure. 





Innovation is a Community Effort.

The Chippewa Valley Innovation Center (CVIC) was formed in 1986 in response to a growing need within the Chippewa Valley for low cost, appropriately sized space for businesses in the early stages of development. Today, the facility continues to serve as an incubation center for manufacturing and service related businesses who are in the transitional stages of going from a new business to an established business.

“When we started our business we happened to stumble across the Innovation Center with the help of a board member. This was a perfect opportunity for us to get our business up and started. CVIC has offered us plenty of help and classes; everything from the business side to safety classes and warehouse setups. This is our last year here and we will miss the people who have helped us along the way.”  
  - Selective Countertops

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Past members that have moved out of the facility continue to expand and grow - not only providing success for their businesses but strengthening our communities' economy through job growth, investment, and property taxes.

“If it wasn’t for the CVIC, we are not sure we would have a business. The Center provides everything we needed to start a business.”

Sawdust City

" The CVIC building was a perfect fit for us as we began a new publishing journey.  We really only needed an office space.  With a shipment of magazines being delivered once a month access to the forklift and space to keep the magazines during the delivery process, the CVIC is exactly what we needed in our start. We would recommend them to anyone starting out and keeping initial costs down." 

“The CVIC had a lot of little things provided that people don’t think about…a copy machine, lunch room, Internet access, garbage service, compressed air, and more.”



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